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How do you know "gypsum board


How do you know "gypsum board

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  Gypsum plasterboard with its light texture, fire prevention, construction convenience, etc., are widely used in home decoration ceiling. Gypsum plasterboard is divided into ordinary, fire-resistant, water-resistant and several other varieties. Water-resistant gypsum board due to the raw material added an appropriate amount of glass fiber and other additives, therefore, in case of fire can not only play an effective role in enhancing the integrity of the board, but also in the event of a fire, it can be a long time to stop the flame Of the spread, which play a role in fire prevention. In order to meet different fire prevention requirements, by changing the number of gypsum board, refractory gypsum board fire resistance time from 0.5 hours to 4 hours. Water resistant gypsum board, because the gypsum heartwood care and paper are eight waterproofing, which from the inside out to solve the gypsum board moisture problems.















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