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      Status and Prospect of China 's Gypsum Building Materials


      Status and Prospect of China 's Gypsum Building Materials

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        Gypsum is a widely used natural resources, it can be used to produce gypsum building materials, all kinds of molds, medical materials, technology and art products, light industrial products, paper, 

        Gypsum is a widely used natural resources, it can be used to produce gypsum building materials, all kinds of molds, medical materials, technology and art products, light industrial products, paper, cosmetics, farm improvers, food additives and so on. Gypsum or cement production is an indispensable retarder and the production of special cement raw materials. In addition to cement production, the manufacture of various types of gypsum building materials is the largest use of gypsum. Gypsum building materials is one of the most watched materials in the current construction industry. Gypsum building materials have been used in buildings for thousands of years, and the use of gypsum building materials in Europe dates back to the Roman Empire. However, the modern gypsum building material has completely changed its traditional appearance, infused new and modern methods of production and use of technology, and is an important member of the large family of modern building materials products. Modern production and use of gypsum building materials in our country started relatively late, roughly the late seventies of last century to develop and introduce at the same time to carry out at the same time, the product is mainly plasterboard and plaster. At present, in addition to the serialization of these two products, the company has basically mastered the production technologies of fiberglass boards, gypsum building blocks, gypsum wall boards, gypsum wall decoration, various auxiliary and auxiliary materials and formulated relevant standards and norms. According to incomplete statistics, in 2004 China produced nearly 500 million square meters of gypsum board and about 1 million tons of plaster. In general, China's gypsum building materials is started late, production is not large, but the development prospects are very broad state. China's gypsum building materials manufacturing enterprises vary greatly in size and technical level. To plaster board, for example, Beijing's North new building materials company, Taihe Building Materials Company in Shandong and other large enterprises have adopted an annual output of 2000 to 30 million square meters, and even the use of 50 million square meters of automated production lines, and in a large number of small factories In the 5 million square meters of production lines are also used, and even hand-workshop-style production also exists. Other gypsum building materials, such as plaster, plaster decoration (including ceilings) and so the production scale are not large, product quality is also uneven, but a wide range of colors, in line with the market integration and optimization process. As for gypsum blocks, gypsum wallboard and other wall materials, due to the price of bricks, cement wall materials slightly more expensive and mainly used for non-load-bearing interior wall, which developed later. In recent years, the construction industry has gradually realized its various advantages and functions, such as fire prevention, humidity control, sound insulation, no shrinkage, no cracking, light weight, easy exterior and smooth and elegant, etc., more and more high grade Construction used to form a better market prospects, known as a typical healthy wall materials. In recent years, as China attaches great importance to environmental protection and agricultural development, flue gas desulphurization gypsum and phosphogypsum (a byproduct when producing phosphate fertilizer) are produced in large quantities. The use of industrial by-product gypsum production of building materials, both in line with the comprehensive utilization of waste residue, turning waste into treasure economic principle, but also completely with the country's concept of circular economy consistent. This represents a significant opportunity for the significant development of gypsum building materials and for the extensive use of gypsum building materials in buildings. "Green production technology, green building materials to create a green living environment", in the use of industrial by-product gypsum building materials and the use of gypsum building materials to get the best expression. At present, many well-known domestic enterprises, tertiary institutions, research institutes have joined forces to "production, learning and research" to vigorously carry out the use of industrial by-product gypsum production and use of gypsum building materials promotion, the formation of considerable productivity and prosperity The market demand, will be just around the corner.

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