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      Gypsum board industry development prospects ---- thriving


      Gypsum board industry development prospects ---- thriving

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        Since China Energy Building Materials Industry Association launched its energy-saving campaign in 2006, an energy-saving part has been set up in various industries.
        Since China Energy Building Materials Industry Association launched its energy-saving campaign in 2006, an energy-saving part has been set up in various industries. Energy-saving residential buildings play an important role in protecting the environment and enhancing residential comfort. Social benefits and economic upsurge, To save energy and environmental protection as a flash point of their new products, to become their own gold signs. Energy conservation is the basic national policy of our country. Building energy conservation is an important economic benefit that saves energy. The system of Ministry of Construction is pushing forward the concept of healthy housing recently. At present, all over the new construction are strongly advocated the use of building energy-saving materials.
        Our country is energy and its lack of countries, and building energy consumption accounts for 25% to 30% of our total energy consumption. Ministry of Construction has been promoting the new building energy-saving wall materials, gypsum board and light steel keel composed of light wall materials QST system is recommended by the Ministry of Construction of new wall materials. In the long term, plasterboard will become a mainstream plate in the project of non-load-bearing interior wall and ceiling, and the plasterboard industry will be a vigorous industry.
        According to industry analysis and forecast, whether it is light steel keel or gypsum board market, many small and medium enterprises are currently occupy a large part of the market share. As in many gypsum board industry in Shandong enterprises, especially known as "China's gypsum capital" - Pingyi, with rich natural gypsum resources and geographical advantages, there are more than 10 large and small enterprises continue to develop. At the foot of Mengshan Shandong Bayer Building Materials Co., Ltd., but also to achieve product branding to meet the needs of the high-end market as the goal, to provide consumers with first-class products and services, the company is a new look emerging in the gypsum board industry . From the competition will tend to brand, scale, the industry profit margins will be compressed. Especially after China's accession to the WTO, due to the opening up of bidding and tendering markets for construction projects, international construction companies will have more opportunities to participate in the construction of domestic projects. Product sales in the domestic building materials market will pay more attention to product quality and the market will be more Standardization, gypsum board industry will also carry out a new shuffle. This also tests the gypsum board industry, the comprehensive economic strength of each enterprise and management strength. Some existing small business workshops in the management of a chaos, the production of products in terms of quality or production level, can not meet the needs of the market high-end market, is bound to be eliminated. At the same time, it also highlights some of the most powerful companies with great brand support, occupying the high-end market territory.
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